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Sing Qatar develops and supports all forms of group singing in Qatar. We achieve this through leading and carrying out workshops as well as organizing events with our members. We strive to provide quality experiences through activities led by Sing Qatar and by supporting the work of our members and the wider choral sector. 

We work to provide opportunities for all Sing Qatar members and create a shared platform for the harmonious collaboration of the choral community in Qatar.


Qatar is a nation that encourages cultural activities and performance arts of all variations and backgrounds. At Sing Qatar, our vision is to build an association of quality group singers and other musicians. We believe that singing has great benefits on people’s lives and health. With our community of both amateur and experienced musicians, we aim to bring life changing experiences to the people of Qatar through singing.

We wish to bridge all the different parts of the singing community together and cultivate in everyone a desire to sing.


  • Youth singing development.
  • Establish a choral ecosystem through training, supports and networking opportunities.
  • Embrace collective singing of all types.
  • Maintain and enhance a strong organisational structure/sustainability.


  • Developing and promoting group singing in Qatar
  • Providing mentoring and masterclass opportunities to conductors
  • Arranging training and support to primary and secondary school teachers
  • Organising singing days and workshops
  • Producing and promoting Sing Qatar’s courses and concerts, and our annual National Singing Competition
  • Providing information and advice to member choirs and singers

The inaugural committee comprises people who are themselves singers, passionate about singing and choral singing and really want to connect all the choirs in Qatar, facilitating easier and more local access to assistance for all their needs. 

Founder and Director of Qatar Youth & Junior Choirs 
Founding Member of the Doha Bach Choir / Qatar Concert Choir
Choir Competition Jury Member (various)
Member of Association of British Choral Directors Association
Member of International Federation of Choral Music

Founding member and librarian of Qatar Concert Choir 
Passionate alto singer since the age of 12 years in Belgium, Germany, Venezuela, Mallorca and Qatar
Member of Doha Chamber Choir
Philosophy: “Without music, life would be an error” Friedrich Nietsche

WYC founder member (1989-1991),
Conductor, Composer/Arranger, Music Teacher.
Trained in the UK at Bretton Hall, College of Leeds University.
A chorister since an early age with a passion for the human voice and scientific research about vocal health.
30 years experience teaching music and singing

Across Qatar, communities with singing traditions have always existed. Between 2013 and 2019, this scene expanded greatly with many events planned each year. This included Qatar’s National Music Competition (2017) and Doha College’s annual School Choir of the Year Competition, as well as numerous choral festivals and singing days across the peninsula. 

The founding of the Qatar Musicians and Teachers Guild aided scheduling issues very much however choir leaders and singing groups needed a more targeted focus on improving and mastering vocal development/ coaching and choir leading.  An umbrella or central organiser has been much needed. Qatar was then awarded the right to host the World Choral Symposium bid in 2023. This gave further impetus to the need for these disparate singing and choral communities to connect together under one umbrella association.  

Sing Qatar was founded in October 2019 and held its first inaugural General Meeting in February 2020. Sing Qatar’s main aim is to best serve the needs of this entire singing community.

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