Mission & Vision


Sing Qatar develops and supports all forms of group singing in Qatar. We achieve this through leading and carrying out workshops as well as organizing events with our members. We strive to provide quality experiences through activities led by Sing Qatar and by supporting the work of our members and the wider choral sector. 

We work to provide opportunities for all Sing Qatar members and create a shared platform for the harmonious collaboration of the choral community in Qatar.


Qatar is a nation that encourages cultural activities and performance arts of all variations and backgrounds. At Sing Qatar, our vision is to build an association of quality group singers and other musicians. We believe that singing has great benefits on people’s lives and health. With our community of both amateur and experienced musicians, we aim to bring life changing experiences to the people of Qatar through singing.

We wish to bridge all the different parts of the singing community together and cultivate in everyone a desire to sing.

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