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There are many opportunities to get involved with Sing Qatar if you are interested in joining our musical community. 

  • If you are looking for a group of people to sing together with, you can join a local choir.
  • If you would like your choir to become part of our association, register as a member choir.
  • If you are a vocal coach, accompanist choral teacher, amongst others, looking to get involved with musical activities in Qatar, you can register as an individual member as well.
  • If you would like to support our vision here at Sing Qatar, you can even leave a small donation and become a Friend of Sing Qatar.

Links and Helpful Resources

Our members stay involved in incredible opportunities. The Sing Qatar community provides a platform to share all of those possibilities in one place. Remember, if you have something you want to add to the list, just click the submission link here.

Resource-aids for Hybrid and Virtual Choir Rooms:

Music Theory

My Musicianship

My Musicianship provides exercises and corresponding lessons for music theory topics. Cost is $3 per student.

Breezin Through Theory

Breezin Through Theory is a comprehensive music theory solution that includes lessons, games, exercises, speed drills, and even play-along exercises for a variety of music theory topics. Cost ranges from $6 - $10 per student per year.

Tone Savy

Tone Savy is similar to musictheory.net, offering written and aural music theory exercises. The biggest difference is that it has more complex and advanced topics like hearing chord progressions and functional ear training. Starts at $19 per month total for a class of up to 25 students.


Musictheory.net offers free lessons and exercises for written and aural music theory topics. It also includes an exercise customiser and code checker that allows you to assign homework to students. Cost is free.

Sight Reading 

Sightreading Factory

SRF allows you to create unlimited customised sight-reading exercises for your students. Features include playback tools, student assessments, and teacher grading. Cost is as low as $2 per student per year.

Rhythm Randomizer

Rhythm Randomizer is a very simple site that quickly creates 2-4 measure rhythm reading examples with no logins or accounts needed. Cost is free.

Notation and Part Learning

Choral Tracks

Choral Tracks has over 15,000 pieces with professionally sung rehearsal learning tracks. They also take custom recording requests. Full choir memberships available as well as individual piece/part downloads. Cost ranges from $2.99 for one track to $999 for unlimited songs for your entire program for a year.


Noteflight is a web-based notation program that allows for instant collaboration, playing of parts, and even accuracy checks for singers. There is a library of music available to purchase too. Cost-free version, $7 individual and $69 teacher per year.

Virtual Teaching Tools

Choir Bites

Choir Bites are bite-sized reflections that examine traditional choral concepts through a non-traditional lens. Each bite offers a visualisation, a brief article, and a set of reflective review questions (in a fillable form), all designed to be immediately impactful and memorable in the long-term. Cost $29 for the entire collection.

Ed Puzzle

Ed Puzzle allows you to make videos that pause and quiz your students on the video content in real time. You can make your own videos, or use YouTube videos already created. Costs from Free version to $12/month.


Flat provides an interface for making music exercises and lessons. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft, Google Classroom, Schoology and Canvas. Cost $2 per student.


Flipgrid is a way to engage your students in a video conversation on any topic. You can load in YouTube content, worksheets, or other content and then allow for students to post video responses. Cost is free.


Screencastify is a Chrome extension that allows you to record your screen and audio as you lecture a class so that students who miss are able to go back and view the recording. Cost is free.


Kahoot allows you to easily create fun and interactive quizzes that students can take in a video games style competing against each other. Cost is free.


Quizizz is a lot like Kahoot, but it also allows you to access other quizzes made by teachers around the world. Cost is free.

Other Links and Helpful Resources
Courtesy of ChorAmor and Professional Choral Collective Resources

As a member of Sing Qatar, you will have exclusive access to useful tools that can help you with carrying out musical activities and events in Qatar. Some of these include: 

  • List of member conductors 
  • List of member accompanists
  • List of member vocal coaches and trainers
  • List of music teachers and substitute conductors
  • List of workshops and training sessions for singers and conductors
  • Promotion of your choir on the Sing Qatar website

Being a member of Sing Qatar gives you access to all the musical events taking place in the year as well as the contacts of member musicians and helps you connect with the music community in Qatar.


Membership questions

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Sign up to become a member using this registration link.

Q: Is there a member fee?

A: Currently, there are no membership fees to join Sing Qatar as we are still in our initial stages, however, we would like to advise all interested parties that we will be implementing a membership fee in the future.

Q: Do I have to be a singer to join Sing Qatar?

A: No, everyone is welcome to join Sing Qatar, including accompanists, conductors, vocal coaches and anyone else interested in music. Our activities, however, pertain to singers and people involved with singing.

Q: Do I have to be a good singer to join Sing Qatar?

A: Not at all! Anyone passionate about singing can join. However, some choirs may take an audition before you join. 

Q: Do I have to renew my membership?

A: Yes, the membership fee will need to be renewed annually.

Q: I’ve forgotten my login information. What should I do?

A: Please refer to our login page and click on the forgot my password option or the forgot my username option. 

Q: How do I unsubscribe from Sing Qatar and remove my membership?

A: If you wish to cancel your membership, please refer to our unsubscribe page

Q: Can my membership be refused?

A: Sing Qatar expects all members to comply with normal professional and ethical standards. If breached, we will review your membership.

Q: Why can’t I access all the content on the site?

A: Some tools and pages exist for members only, and if you would like to access this content, please register and become a member to enjoy the exclusive benefits. If you are an existing member and still cannot view the member content, please make sure that you are logged into the website. 

Q: Can I become a member if I am not in Qatar?

A: No. Sing Qatar membership and events pertain specifically to singers and choirs in Qatar.

Q: Do existing members need to pay a future membership fee?

A: Yes, all current and future members will be required to pay the membership fee when it is implemented.

Sing Qatar questions

Q: Who manages Sing Qatar?

A: The Sing Qatar committee comprises volunteer officers voted in for a fixed term by the membership base at an annual general meeting. For more information, you can check out our team page.

Q: How is Sing Qatar funded?

A: Sing Qatar is funded by the membership fees, corporate sponsorship and Friends of Sing Qatar donations. If you would like to support us, you can donate here.

Q: When is the contact office open?

A: The contact office is open Sunday through Thursday, 9am to 1pm.

Q: Are there any joint choir rehearsals with all the choirs in Sing Qatar?

A: Normal rehearsals are only with individual choirs, however, when large events are occurring (e.g the National Singing Week), there may be joint rehearsals with the participant choirs.

Q: What events does Sing Qatar host?

A: We host workshops, Youth Choir Events, the National Singing Week, conductor training, the National Singing Competition and concerts, amongst others.

Q: How can I promote my choir through Sing Qatar?

A: By becoming a member of Sing Qatar, your choir has the advantage of a dedicated choir page and the ability to post news and events on the Sing Qatar noticeboard

Q: How can I sponsor a Sing Qatar event ?

A: If you are interested in sponsoring any Sing Qatar events, please contact our office. You can find our contact details on the contact page.

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