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Youth singing development is a policy priority for Sing Qatar. Individuals who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and advanced reading skills, whilst using their imagination and engagement with a variety of cultures to build relationships and put on exciting performances. Sing Qatar Youth is an initiative by Sing Qatar, aimed at developing singing in the Youth (ages 13-25) by offering a variety of activities and workshops. 

We look to help Qatar develop its National Youth Choir and seek to create opportunities for young singers. This will be done by offering training workshops across the peninsula, prioritising members' needs, as well as creating a National Singing Week, which will act as a focus for youth participation. An annual National Singing Competition will also be organised in association with Qatar's National Music competition.

Qatar Youth Choir 2020 | Photo Credit : C. Ionescu 2020

Through Sing Qatar initiatives we hope to identify those singers with talent and encourage them to develop their singing skills through an increased involvement in choral singing. Upon obtaining a good skill level, they can join Qatar Youth Choir.  

Qatar Youth Choir is a prize-winning high-performance choir that travels extensively and has represented Qatar abroad. This choir learns challenging and interesting repertoire and aims to perform at a very high level, every time. Every year they travel abroad either on choral exchanges or for bespoke choral development workshops with choral masters.  To-date they have travelled to Germany, Latvia, Croatia, Austria and Portugal.

Qatar Junior Choir 2020 | Photo Credit : C. Ionescu 2020

This training choir will provide talented, fledgling teenage singers the opportunity to develop their musicianship and music reading skills in preparation to join Qatar Youth Choir.

An important strand of our youth development goals is to create a platform for our youth to learn and develop their choral conducting skills in addition to their choral participation.

Qatar Youth Training Choir will provide interested youth with the right platform. 

WYC 2019 I Lisbon

The World Youth Choir is a choir comprising some of the best youth singers in the world. Each year the World Youth Choir seeks young, talented, experienced singers from all over the world, interested in improving their skills of choral singing while touring in a region every summer. 

Sing Qatar has been awarded Authorised Recruiter status for the World Youth Choir.  We will be holding auditions the afternoon of Saturday 28th November in Doha. 

Pending updated 2021 information, the below link details the singer requirements for the 2020 year:

  • Download Information for Singers
  • Download WYC 2020 Information For Singers 
  • Download Application Form for Doha Auditions (28/11/20)

WYC 2019 I Pre Reception LisbonWYC 2019 I Sing Qatar Committee Member Alec Jackson

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